Monday, March 28, 2011

Remote JDBC driver in NextReports 4.0

NextReports 4.0 has been released.

From this version, both designer and server will have the same major number. One of the new functionality from designer is the possibility to create a data source of type NextReports Server.

This means designer will use a driver found on the server. You do not need the driver on your computer. This JDBC driver is implemented using Web Services.

Driver's url has a special form jdbc:nextreports:@<server url>;<server data source>. When you edit the url you will have to select a NextReports Server and then you can browse the data sources tree on the server:

To be able to browse the data sources, the user and password entered for driver connection will be used.

This functionality is very important for companies which do not want to expose their databases.

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