Tuesday, February 25, 2014

NextCharts: Combo Bar Line Charts

NextCharts supports bar and stacked bar combo charts. This means there can be more series inside a chart some bars / stacked bars, some lines.

A simple stacked bar json like:
   "message":"Value #val from #total", 
        "text":"Financial Analysis",
        "font":{"weight":"bold", "size":16, "family":"sans-serif"},
        "font":{"weight":"bold", "size":14,"family":"sans-serif"},
will look like:

To add combo lines (2 lines in this example)  we should add some properties to json object:
 "lineData":[[31.33, 52, 27, 47.33, 74.66, 53.33],[100, 120, 53, 190, 40, 130]],
 "lineColor":["#270283", "#CC6633"],
 "lineLegend":["Average", "Profit"],
With these, we obtain a combo chart like:


Carlos Costa said...

Mihai this project you are developing seems very interesting. In this example you provide could it be possible to attach a link to the chart?
A tablet user could touch the chart and would be taken to another webpage with further charts, tables or interpretations of the values.
How could this be implemented?

Mihai Dinca-Panaitescu said...

Hi Carlos.
Our product NextReports Server has a list of dashboards. Chart click is used by drill-down features: clicked value is passed to the next chart in drill. That's why, right now, there is no click on chart to redirect to an entire dashboard.